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Sunday, December 18, 2005

82 years

My Grandma Mander has been in town for a little while and we finally got to go over and visit with her last Saturday (the kids had been sick and we didn't want to go over and get her sick). She is 82 years old. I only have 53 more years and I'll be there. I wonder what I'll be like if I'm able to get that old. She has osteoporosis and other problems (like most old people). Life just gets more painful as you grow older...but then there is more to be thankful for, as well. I can't remember the reference, but "through much suffering we must enter the kingdom of heaven." Posted by Picasa

My dad loves having the grand "pigs" (as he says it) around

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Airplane Rides with Grandpa

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London britches falling down, falling down, falling down...

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Ok, so his clothes are a little too big. :)

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Falling pants

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He was so happy he could climb in there. Love that smile! Posted by Picasa

Hide and Seek

This was so funny. John told the kids to go hide, while he counted. They chose a great spot - about four feet away. :) Kids are so funny! Posted by Picasa


We got a wild storm a couple of weeks ago. It hailed pretty hard. It was scarey. I can't even begin to imagine what terror went through the minds of the people who died in the Flood. Posted by Picasa

Seth in a basket

He was quite proud of himself for getting in there all by himself. Posted by Picasa

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Singing the "Be Positive" song at dinner time

John created our "Be Positive" song to encourage the kids to be more positive when they're in a negative mood. Samuel didn't want to eat his dinner, so John began singing the song. He got a kick out of it and forgot (for a moment) about being negative. Whatever works! Posted by Picasa

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Horsing around with the boys

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Long time

Ok, ok, so it's been a while since I could last post. I've been busy! So, the news - Samuel's potty-trained! Yeah! I found out the reason he cried every time I put him on the toilet - he thought it would hurt to go pee. :) Kids are funny. As he gradually realized that it didn't hurt, he began to think that going to the bathroom was the greatest thing in the world! He must have been going every five minutes! :) I'm so happy that I'm just changing Seth's diapers now, and I don't have to worry about potty-training him for a long time.

Speaking of Seth, he is walking everywhere and getting into everything! The cutest thing he's doing right now is saying, "Thank you!" He's been saying it a few weeks now, but recently he has been saying it with more clarity. You just want to squeeze him and hug him he's so cute!

Abigail is doing well in school. For the most part of this week, we've been reviewing her penmanship and math. She's been learning how to count money (dimes, nickels, and pennies), but it hasn't been easy. I played this "check out" game with her, though, and she's finally understanding it. She's so excited that she keeps asking me to play with her more. :) She's reading very well, which is exciting. It's so rewarding to see what she's been able to do with a little schooling.

What else? John just finished two big papers this semester. He just has a logic final on Monday and that will be it for this semester. He's trying to get ahead for next semester, though, by completing an independent study course during his break. The work never ends!

We got to go out to dinner at the Outback on my birthday, Monday. That was nice. My mom and dad showed up at the door singing happy birthday and said they'd watch the kids while we went out. I love having family so close! John got me a cross word puzzle book for my birthday. Got to like that gift! Hehaha! I laugh, but we had talked about how those kinds of things are good to do to help keep the brain going. So, he got me one! I love my hubby. You know, before we were married, he used to get me flowers and write me poems and sing me songs...and's cross word puzzles. ;) What five years of marriage does to you! ;) No, really, I love my husband sooooooo much, as you all know. He still occasionally gives me flowers and sings me songs, and writes me poems. I wrote him one the other day that was so corny. I'm no good at writing poems, but I tried! Well, tis late and I should get to bed. I've got a busy day ahead of me. Good night!