From St. Louis

Friday, July 28, 2006

So life has been busy

I don't know why I bother writing on this. I haven't written since February. No one probably checks this anymore, but in the event someone happens to pop in, they'll be a little more updated on how life has been for the Putz's these past few months.

John finished his first year of graduate school, and did quite well. He has been slaving away recently to accomplish more reading and possibly a paper before the fall semester begins. I just started our school schedule up again this week. Abigail is in first grade and Samuel is still in preschool. I'm not sure yet if I'll move him up to kindergarten when he turns four or not. He knows so much. It's just his attention span and memorization ability that's not quite there yet. Since we got started on our schedule again the kids have been happier, I have been happier, and even Hunter (their 3 yr. old cousin that I teach 2 days a week) has been happier. It's sort of funny how much having a schedule makes a difference. Seth is doing wonderful. We have really been working with him to say more words, and it has helped. He's such a joy to be around, always smilely and happy. He and Samuel have been playing more with eachother, which is cute to see. It's a wonder Seth likes to - Samuel's always trying to do something to him or tackle him, etc. Tonight, Samuel had Abigail's pink, feathered hand fan that he was shoving in Seth's face, but Seth thought it was hillarious! They ran around the house laughing, as Samuel chased Seth with it...that is, until Seth fell and Samuel sat on him. :) Brothers!
On another note, I have gotten a lot of painting done on the house since a year ago. We moved in last July and I painted the family room, which had brown paneling on every wall. Yuck! Then I took down the wall paper and painted the bathrooms. Then I took down the wall paper and painted the kitchen, and finally a couple of weeks ago I painted Abigail's room and repainted the based boards in the living room, dining room and hallway. I had to do that because we took up the carpet and refinished the hardwood floors that were underneath. John did it all, with some help from our fathers. They look beautiful. Hopefully, our allergies won't be as bad and it will up the value of the house when we sell. Next spring/summer I hope to take down the wall paper in the boys room and paint their room and possibly our bedroom. We'll have to see. I am four months pregnant now, with the baby due in late January, so life will get even more busy! :) Abigail had prayed for a baby sister, so we'll have to see if God answered her prayers positively. This has really been quite an easy pregnancy compared to my others. This week I have felt pretty blah, but as a whole it hasn't been that bad. I haven't had to run to the hospital yet to get catheterized for my prolapsed uterus and bladder, so that has sort of surprised us. I have felt some flutterings recently, so that's encouraging. At any rate, I have written a lot and need to get to bed. I've been so tired lately.

Ta ta!